Welcome to ARC

Helen BurtHelen M. Burt, PhD

Associate Vice-President, Research & Innovation

I am delighted to be able to announce the Advanced Research Computing (ARC) initiative, a joint effort of the Vice President Research & Innovation Office and the Provost & Vice President Academic Office.

The function of ARC at UBC is to work with the UBC and Compute Canada research communities to support computationally intensive and data-driven research at Universities across Canada.  

UBC has significant strengths across many disciplines in advanced computing and data science, much of which is supported by individual departments and faculties.  In order to meet the growing demand for digital research infrastructure and expert domain and technical support, ARC, in partnership with UBC Information Technology services and Compute Canada, will augment this existing support for all researchers across UBC’s (including affiliated institutions) campuses as well as those across the Compute Canada research community.

We have recruited an outstanding ARC team to assist you and support your research. Dr Corey Nislow is the ARC Research Advisor, Steve Cundy is the ARC Associate Director and there are scientific and technical analysts in different domain areas and a data security officer.  We hope this website will serve as a useful central information hub for ARC support environment.  

Please check the site periodically for updates on ARC events and outreach activities. We welcome your comments and feedback.