ARC Sockeye Workshop - Singularity Container on HPC


Singularity is an open-source platform that allows researchers to package and use software on high performance computing clusters such as UBC ARC Sockeye.  To better understand how to use Singularity containers on UBC ARC Sockeye, we are hosting this workshop which will provide attendees with an overview of Singularity, as well as the basic tools to integrate Singularity into their research workflow.

Date: April 26, 1-3pm PT
Location: Zoom virtual session

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  • Introduction to Singularity containers
  • How to deploy and run a Singularity container on UBC ARC Sockeye
  • How to build a custom container with the desired tools, packages, or settings
  • How to troubleshoot common container issues

Who Should Attend?

UBC faculty, staff, and students who are high performance computing users and have difficulties in installing custom tools/pipelines in the platform.


Attendees should have basic understanding of the command line and using HPC clusters.