ARC Sockeye Workshop - Virtual Environments on Sockeye


Virtual environments are tools that offer researchers the ability to create separate, isolated software environments in a system, to install software with its own dependencies.  Virtual environments are useful on HPC systems when specific software or software packages are needed, and not readily available as a pre-installed module.

In this workshop, we will introduce virtual environments, discuss use cases, and explain how to use tools such as Conda and Virtualenv as part of your research workflows on UBC ARC Sockeye.

Date: Thursday, 9 June 2022, 2-4pm
Location: Zoom virtual session
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  • Introduction to virtual environments
  • How to deploy and run a virtual environment on UBC ARC Sockeye
  • How to install desired tools or packages
  • How to troubleshoot common issues when working with virtual environments

Who Should Attend?

UBC faculty, staff, and students who are currently using high performance computing (HPC) systems such as UBC ARC Sockeye and Alliance (formerly Compute Canada) systems.


  • Basic knowledge of the Linux Command line system
  • Basic knowledge of Linux file and permission system
  • Basic knowledge of HPC file systems (preferred, but not essential)