Compute Canada Cloud

The Compute Canada cloud service responds to researchers who have a need for greater configurability, availability, durability or portability than may be available on non-cloud systems or traditional HPC clusters.

By using virtual machines (VMs) configurable through your cloud account, you can customize the computing environment to meet your unique needs. The Compute Canada cloud can be used to build portals and platforms to share data as well as perform computationally intensive work.

Who should use the Compute Canada cloud service?

  • Researchers who need continuously running jobs or services, rather than batch processing.
  • Researchers who want to develop web portals or platforms.
  • Researchers who need VMs, need to control their own operating system, and want the ability to customize software stacks.
  • Researchers who need to build specialized virtual clusters for experimentation.

UBC ARC also offers direct support for the use of Compute Canada cloud service.

Using the Compute Canada cloud service also ensures that your data remains in Canada within a managed, secure environment. Those with an active Compute Canada account can find out more and apply for access here: