Introduction to Bioinformatics

Date: Wednesday, June 28th 10am PDT / 1pm EDT
Location: Online webinar. REGISTER HERE

The rapid growth of sequencing technology has allowed the scope of biological research to expand from the study of one or two specific genes to the parallel querying of entire genomes, transcriptomes and other molecular systems. With the increasing volumes of experimental data available, the field of bioinformatics has evolved to encompass many novel methods of data analysis to allow the distillation of petabytes of data into biologically meaningful results.

The expansion in scale of data production in biological research has been also accompanied by an increasing number of new data types as novel sequencing technologies continue to emerge, which has necessitated an expansion of the breadth of available bioinformatic tools and a broadening of general scope of the entire field.

This webinar will provide a high level description of current bioinformatics including a description of contemporary data types and computational approaches. Previous knowledge of biology or computational methods are not necessary, but some familiarity is recommended.

Richard Corbett, Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre 

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