REDCap Solid

UBC ARC REDCap Solid runs on the Long Term Support release of REDCap. Updates are only implemented to address security and stability issues. REDCap Solid is best suited to projects that require a non-changing environment, such as registered clinical trials, or where the sensitivity of the data being collected mandates additional security controls and governance.


How do I request a project in REDCap Solid?

Only UBC Faculty and Staff are eligible to request new REDCap Solid projects. Once the project tis created, the person who originated the request will be designated as the Project Owner.

Eligible Researchers can apply for new REDCap Solid projects through the REDCap Solid Project Request Form.

The form is then reviewed and approved by the leading institution (i.e., VCH or PHC) Once approval is received, UBC ARC REDCap Support will create your project and add the REDCap Project Owner (as listed in the request form) to the project. The REDCap Project Owner can then add the other team members to the project.

How do I sign up for a REDCap Solid account?

REDCap Solid users must be UBC staff or faculty, or anyone who is working with a UBC faculty or staff member (e.g., volunteer, member of a collaborative, multi-institution project, etc.). Before you request an account in REDCap Solid, please ensure that your project has been approved by your leading institution and has been created in REDCap Solid

Complete the REDCap Solid Account Request Form for a new REDCap Solid account. Kindly note that non-UBC Faculty or Staff require Sponsored Campus-Wide Login (CWL) Account.  Sponsored CWL accounts are created and managed by a UBC faculty or staff member with an active UBC REDCap Solid account.  The account sponsor is typically the principal investigator, a co-investigator, or the main research coordinator of your research project.


If you have any questions, please email