UBC ARC Alliance RAC Information Session 2022

Interested in applying for additional research storage and computing resources? The Digital Research Alliance of Canada (“the Alliance”) has two competitions that can help you access resources needed to conduct your research: 

  • The Resources for Research Group (RRG) competition is for researchers who are in need of compute, storage and cloud resources beyond what is given by Rapid Access Service (RAS),
  • The Resources Platforms and Portals (RPP) competition is aimed at researchers who wish to improve access to shared datasets, enhance existing online research tools and facilities or advance national or international research collaborations. 

UBC Advanced Research Computing (ARC) staff are hosting a UBC ARC Alliance RAC Information Session to answer questions you may have regarding the submission process and to highlight tips and tricks that may help you in your application. With the growing popularity in Alliance resources and the UBC ARC Sockeye system, it is important to consider your current and future research needs and apply for the RAC.    

We recommend that all attendees of the October 13, 2022, UBC ARC Alliance RAC Information  Session be familiar with the information on the Alliance’s website and have watched the recent Q&A Session recordings.   

Register now! RAC applications must be submitted by November 2, 2022. 

Click to view recording of Alliance RAC 2023 Q&A Session

Click here to download a copy of the UBC ARC Alliance RAC Info Session.