UBC ARC Sockeye

UBC ARC Sockeye (“Sockeye”) is a high-performance computing platform available to UBC researchers across all disciplines. With nearly 16,000 CPU cores, 200 GPUs, and 3 petabytes of storage capacity, Sockeye is designed to significantly increase UBC’s computing capacity and supplement the national platform for digital research infrastructure (DRI) in order to meet the immediate needs of UBC researchers. 


Effective October 31, 2023, Sockeye will transition from OpenPBS to Slurm! 
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All Eligible UBC Researchers may request an allocation on the Sockeye platform. Allocations are awarded to one Eligible UBC Researcher, known as the Allocation Owner. The Allocation Owner may add any member of their research team, supporting staff, or collaborators to their allocation.  All allocation members require a UBC Campus-Wide Login (CWL) and institutional email address to access the Sockeye platform.

Use of the system is contingent on acceptance of the Sockeye Terms of Service, and preference will be given to access requests that cannot be accommodated by any other existing computational resources (e.g., the national DRI platform).


Sockeye Technical Specifications
For detailed technical specifications on Sockeye, please view the  UBC ARC Sockeye Technical Specifications

List of Available Software on Sockeye
For a quick reference of what software is available, please see the  list of available software on Sockeye

Sockeye Technical User Documentation
For detailed technical specifications on Sockeye, please view the  UBC ARC Technical User Documentation.

Sockeye Frequently Asked Questions
For a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding Sockeye, please see the page on Sockeye Frequently Asked Questions. 

Sockeye Terms of Service
For more information about Sockeye service, eligibility, suitability, user responsibilities, access, support, and maintenance, please view the ARC Sockeye Terms of Service.

One-on-one consultations
The ARC team provides consultation and support across a wide range of high-performance computing domains. If you need assistance with Sockeye or other high-performance computing resources, please contact: arc.support@ubc.ca.


Researchers are urged to acknowledge Sockeye in any publication, presentation, report, or proposal on research that involves Sockeye hardware and/or staff expertise. The acknowledgement may be given as follows:

 “This research was supported in part through computational resources and services provided by Advanced Research Computing at the University of British Columbia.”

Researchers are asked to annually submit a list of materials that reference ARC, and inform ARC staff whenever any such research receives professional or press exposure. This information is extremely important in enabling ARC to continue supporting the UBC researcher community.  The list of publications is available on the ARC website.