UBC ARC Sockeye

UBC ARC Sockeye is a high-performance computing platform available to UBC researchers across all disciplines. With nearly 16,000 CPU cores and 200 GPUs, Sockeye is designed to significantly increase UBC’s computing capacity and supplements the national platform for digital research infrastructure in order to meet the immediate needs of UBC researchers. 


As of September 1, 2020, Faculty members can ask for a Standard Allocation at any time. The Standard Allocation provides shared access to all available GPUs and CPUs, and includes 5 TB of project storage and 5TB of scratch space for immediate computing. Applications for Standard Allocations may be submitted here

A Sockeye Priority Allocation provides access to reserved CPU and GPU resources, and up to 50 TB of storage and up to 50 TB of scratch.  Applications for Priority Allocations are available twice a year and are reviewed by Faculty members from the DRI Resources Allocation Committee. Priority is given to Faculty members who are:

  • New to UBC (within five or fewer years).
  • Early-career researchers.
  • Have research data that has to be hosted on-site or cannot be accommodated by any other existing computational resources (e.g. Compute Canada). 

Information about the next Priority Allocation Call for Applications will be posted on this website once available/prior to the start of the next call.  Both the Standard and Priority allocation cycle renew each year on June 30th.

In addition to the above allocations, Faculty members with an existing Standard or Priority Allocation may request a Reservation Allocation.  The Reservation Allocation is available on an ad hoc basis through a consultation and accommodates short-term requirements for additional compute resources on Sockeye. To request a Reservation Allocation, please contact arc.support@ubc.ca to schedule a consultation.


Researchers with a Faculty appointment at UBC or UBC Principal Investigators are eligible to request an allocation on the Sockeye platform to conduct computationally intensive research.

Use of the system is contingent on acceptance of the Sockeye Terms of Service, and preference will be given to access requests that cannot be accommodated by any other existing computational resources (e.g., Compute Canada).


Sockeye includes a high-performance computing platform that features nearly 16,000 CPU cores, 200 GPUs, integrated to more than 20 petabytes of storage capacity.

Detailed technical specifications

List of available software on Sockeye 


Support and resources 

UBC ARC Sockeye Technical User Documentation
For detailed technical documentation for Sockeye users, please visit the UBC ARC Technical User Documentation.

UBC ARC Sockeye Frequently Asked Questions
For a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding Sockeye, please visit the UBC ARC Sockeye Frequently Asked Questions. 

Sockeye Terms of Service
For more information about the UBC ARC Sockeye service, eligibility, suitability, User responsibilities, access, support, and maintenance, please view the ARC Sockeye Terms of Service.

One-on-one consultations
The ARC team provides consultation and support across a wide range of high-performance computing domains. If you need assistance with your Sockeye application or other high-performance computing resources, please contact arc.support@ubc.ca.