UBC Expands IBM SPSS and NVivo Licensing

UBC IT has announced changes to existing SPSS and NViVo licensing to accommodate a changing work environment as a result of recent events. Please see below for more details on the enhanced software offerings: 


IBM SPSS Statistics is an advanced statistical package software for Windows, Mac and Linux. UBC IT offers access to the IBM SPSS Premium license. While this software license was previously only available for UBC-owned devices (referred to as ‘Network’ Licenses), the updated license will allow SPSS to be downloaded and installed on non-UBC owned devices. This is available to faculty, students (including student employees), and research staff and only for Teaching and non-commercial Research purposes related to UBC.

Additional details on SPSS and download instructions for home use can be found here. 


The qualitative data analysis software, NVIVO, which was previously only available to students, is now available to UBC faculty and staff for download as well.

Details on NVivo and how to download are available here.

Please note that devices must be compliant with information security standards, which can be accessed here.