WestGrid Training Modules 2021

WestGrid Summer School is back in a new format - "WestGrid Training Modules 2021". Starting April 27 with 7 different modules. 

Course List:

  • Bash command line
  • Introduction to HPC
  • Version control with Git 
  • Basics of Python 
  • Introductory Julia 
  • Parallel programming in Chapel
  • Parallel computing in Julia 
  • Introduction to Compute Canada cloud
  • Docker
  • Deep learning with fastai 
  • 3D Scientific visualization with ParaView
  • Parallel programming with MATLAB 
  • Machine learning and deep learning with MATLAB 

Click here to view the full program

This year's event will be a blend of:

  • 1-1.5 hour long sessions
  • self-paced learning (a mix of reading materials, pre-recorded videos, takeaway exercises)
  • live hands-on Zoom tutorial sessions with the instructors

Who should participate

Researchers, students, or staff members at Canadian post-secondary institutions. All research disciplines and skill levels are welcome to register. 

More information: Please visit the WestGrid Summer School website