Support + Community

There is a wide variety of support available for Digital Humanities and Social Science Scholars through ARC and across all UBC Campuses. Please see below for groups dedicated to supporting and enhancing digital scholarship in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.  You can also visit the Tools and Resources Page for more information about everything from nation and international DH organisations, to how to download tools for doing research.  For specific advice, please contact Megan Meredith-Lobay for more information about applications to CFI, resources on campus, and how ARC might support your research.

  • The Digital Salon - The UBC/SFU Digital Salon Series is a step towards the development of a cross-departmental and cross faculty research community for the Digital Humanities and Social Sciences.  Please visit their website for more information about upcoming events.
  • Pixelating: A DH Mixer –  Thursdays, 12-2PM, Koerner Library Rm. 153 – A weekly meeting for DH scholars o meet colleagues, talk tools, brainstorm ideas and network with others who use digital tools to explore and visualize their research.
  • Training and Events at the UBC Library - The UBC Library runs a number of workshops, events, and training sessions that are applicable to scholars working in the Digital Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • GIS Tools and Resources at the UBC Library.
  • Abacus DataVerse - digital research data repository.
  • cIRcle - UBC open access digital data repository.