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Please contact us if you have any questions about support available for your research, and to discuss grant proposals for the CFI and large projects with computing requirements.


Advanced Research Computing
Room 112A
Gerald McGavin Building 
2386 East Mall
Vancouver BC V6T 1Z3


ARC Staff

Steve Cundy, Director, Advanced Research Computing
604 827-0608 /250 807-9909

Wade Klaver, Systems Administrator, UBC Okanagan Campus
250 807-9132

Roman Baranowski, WestGrid Site Lead
604 822-4727

Venkat Mahadevan, Systems Administrator
604 822-8587 

Megan Meredith-Lobay, Humanities and Social Sciences Analyst
604 822-9066

Jamie Rosner, Life Sciences Analyst
604 827-4843

Edith Domingue, Manager, Research Platforms
604 822-9661

Michael Tang, Scientific Analyst 

Kamil Somaratne, Administration Coordinator 
604 822-9274 

Ryan Thomson, Systems Administrator

Scott Baker, Manager, Sensitive Research
604 822-8349 

Winnie Chen, Administration Clerk

Jeff Gardner, Sensitive Research Data Specialist 


Yau Bing Chong, Project Manager 


Bobby Nikkhah, Sensitive Research Security Analyst I


Kia Brus, Assistant to the Director 

Ken Bigelow, Systems Administrator
604 827-2253

Hannah Park, ARC Systems Analyst 
604 822-0730

Tang Lee, Research Platforms Analyst 


Affiliated Staff 

Eugene Barsky, Research Data Librarian
604 822-9606