Our Commitments + Goals

As an institutionally-dedicated service, we support researchers across all disciplines working on questions that have large data and computational needs. 

Learn about our commitments and goals and how we are working with our research community to meet these below. You can also find more information about our mission, vision and values in our strategic plan.

Access to Leading Digital Research Infrastructure 

ARC enhances the access of the research community to digital research infrastructure, including high-performance computing, storage, high-speed networks, software, data management services, and highly qualified technical support. 

Goal 1: Improve access to digital research infrastructure (DRI)


  1. Increase storage, compute, network, and data centre capacity for UBC researchers 
  2. Identify, promote, and support access to National and International DRI 
Goal 2: Provide expert technical support and services


  1. Provide hosting and administrative support for CFI-funded DRI
  2. Provide ARC technical consultation to UBC researchers on DRI needed for specific research projects

Empower Researchers in all Disciplines 

ARC empowers researchers in all disciplines by offering domain-specific expertise, consultation, and training on digital research infrastructure.

Goal 3: Provide grant application and research data management support


  1. Offer consultations on grant applications requiring DRI
  2. Offer expert ARC research data management advice
Goal 4: Develop technique- and discipline-specific ARC training


  1. Facilitate the delivery of Software and Data Management workshops to UBC faculty, staff and students
  2. Coordinate discipline-specific workshops led by UBC faculty members

Fostering Innovation and Discovery 

ARC fosters an environment that promotes excellence in research and innovation. We partner with researchers to evaluate new and emerging technologies and develop our staff to meet the needs of the research community.

Goal 5: Implement and advance innovative DRI technologies


  1. Pilot new and emerging hardware and software technology 
  2. Evaluate research service provider's offerings and implement new services to ensure current and anticipated researcher needs are met
Goal 6: Enhance ARC expertise through strategic hiring and training 


  1. Encourage the development of staff skills and knowledge of ARC techniques and tools
  2. Ensure staff capacity and capabilities to respond to research priorities and needs

Broad Community Engagement 

ARC forms partnerships with government, industry, and research service providers around the world to ensure researchers have access to state-of-the-art digital research infrastructure. 

Goal 7: Evaluate strategic partnerships opportunities


  1. Engage with government and industry to explore value add partnerships
  2. Develop relationships with other research service providers