Advanced Research Computing (ARC)

We are a free service supporting the high-performance computing and data management needs of UBC researchers. Our experienced, dedicated team provides consultation, expertise, and access to digital research infrastructure.


ARC Research Profiles

Muhammad Abdul-Mageed stands smiling with his arms crossed in a confident stance

Dr. Muhammad Abdul-Mageed

“Some of the work we’ve been able to do wouldn't even be possible without access to Sockeye. I hope UBC continues to invest in more digital research infrastructure.”

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Dr. Anthony Wachs

“High-performance computing is evolving so fast, and this determines what we can do in research. This is extremely exciting. I couldn’t have anticipated it.” 

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Dr. Phillip Richmond

“When it comes to diagnosing, and sometimes treating, rare genetic diseases, it takes a multidisciplinary team. It’s rewarding to know that I can help patients and their families by working behind the scenes to find answers buried in the data.” 

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