Advanced Research Computing (ARC)

We are a free service supporting the high-performance computing and data management needs of UBC researchers. Our experienced, dedicated team provides consultation, expertise, and access to digital research infrastructure.


ARC Research Profiles

Dr. Matthew Mitchell and Laura Super at the UBC Farm

Dr. Matthew Mitchell and Laura Super

“High performance computing is and will be the future of science because we have so much data. We’re in a data revolution.” Laura Super, PhD Candidate, UBC Faculty of Forestry 

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Muhammad Abdul-Mageed stands smiling with his arms crossed in a confident stance

Dr. Muhammad Abdul-Mageed

“Some of the work we’ve been able to do wouldn't even be possible without access to Sockeye. I hope UBC continues to invest in more digital research infrastructure.”

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Dr. Anthony Wachs

“High-performance computing is evolving so fast, and this determines what we can do in research. This is extremely exciting. I couldn’t have anticipated it.” 

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