ARC Governance Documents

The following UBC ARC documents describe standards and terms for ARC services. These comply with UBC Policy SC14: Acceptable Use and Security of UBC Electronic Information and Systems, and where applicable align with the UBC Information Security Standards.

For definitions of the bolded underlined terms used in the following linked documents, see the ARC Glossary of Terms (ARCG-01: Glossary of Terms).


ARCG-01: Glossary of Terms
ARCS-05: Data Retention and Destruction
ARC-21 System Maintenance
ARC-22 System Access Control

REDCap Specific

REDCap Terms of Service
ARCS-11: REDCap Platform
ARCS-14: REDCap Reporting, Logging, and Monitoring
ARCS-15: REDCap Backup

REDCap Security Statement
REDCap Privacy Statement

Chinook Specific 

Chinook Terms of Service

Sockeye Specific 

ARC Sockeye Terms of Service 

Cloud Proof of Concept Specific 

RONIN Cloud Terms of Use 

Globus Plus Specific 

Globus Plus Terms of Use