Compute & Storage

UBC ARC provides institutional support for the national Compute & Storage offerings provided by the Digital Research Alliance of Canada (the Alliance). In addition, UBC ARC leverages both on-premise and commercial cloud infrastructure to supplement the Alliance's resources, as well as to provide service offerings specific to the needs of the UBC research community.

UBC ARC Sockeye

UBC ARC Sockeye (“Sockeye”) is a high-performance computing platform available to UBC researchers across all disciplines.  Click here for list of software available on Sockeye.  

UBC ARC Chinook

UBC ARC Chinook is an object storage platform available to UBC researchers by application.

Cloud Computing

Cloud environments provide powerful and flexible computing and storage options for research.

ARC Beta and Pilot Program

The ARC Beta and Pilot Program evaluates new services and platforms useful to researchers throughout the academic year.  Researchers are invited to sign-up to the mailing list for more information on upcoming beta tests and pilots.