About ARC

We are UBC's institutionally dedicated service for researchers across all disciplines working on questions that have large data and computational needs.

Along with our national partner, the Digital Research Alliance of Canada, we offer services and resources driven by transformational information technology that will allow researchers across all disciplines, including the Sciences, Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, to take advantage of high-performance computing facilities.

ARC's services are provided free-of-charge to the UBC community.

What is Advanced Research Computing?

Projects with advanced research computing needs generally involve big data, large computational power, modelling or visualization that cannot be handled by standard computing infrastructure.

Why Contact ARC?

Contact us if you want support in the following areas, or to learn more about the potential role of advanced research computing in your research activity:

  • Access to the Digital Research Alliance of Canada's High Performance Computing hardware, software, and storage.
  • Domain-specific expertise in the Life Sciences, Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Data Management
  • Training on the use of our resources for both experienced and inexperienced users
  • Pre and post award consultation on proposals with Advanced Research Computing components