Part of the ARC Cloud Platform, UBC ARC RONIN (“RONIN”), is built on RONIN and powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). RONIN is a user-friendly web application that allows researchers to harness powerful AWS cloud infrastructure without learning complex details of cloud computing. ARC has worked directly with RONIN to configure this platform to address the needs of the UBC research community.  

Benefits of Using RONIN 

RONIN is an effective solution for specialized and/or intermittent projects or job needs that can’t be met with institutional and/or national HPC resources, and has the following benefits: 

  • Ability to have custom resource allocation and cost management 
  • Windows software is accommodated 
  • Resources can be provided instantly on demand 
  • Simple and intuitive web interface 
  • Interactive computing and visualization 
  • Access to ARC training and consultations (see below) 

Training & Consultations 

ARC can arrange for training and education offerings to suit your research needs, from an informal consultation to formal training sessions for your entire research group, department, or faculty. We can provide training directly or through our partnerships with RONIN and AWS.  

To schedule training or a consultation please contact us at arc.support@ubc.ca

Account Setup 

To request access to RONIN, please complete the application form if you are the principal investigator (PI) of your research group. If you are not the PI of your research group, please coordinate with them to get access to their RONIN account, or for them to fill out the application form above. 

If you would like a consultation to determine if RONIN is suitable for your workflow, please contact us at arc.support@ubc.ca


 You must be connected to UBC MyVPN to access the platform. Enhanced CWL is mandatory. 


RONIN comes at no charge to UBC researchers who can apply for a share of AWS credits and the ARC team is happy to assist with that process. Those who have existing AWS credits or would like to purchase more can request that they are consolidated to their RONIN account. 

Please see below for credit opportunities. 

Credit Opportunities 

RONIN and Intel Credit Opportunities 

  • Through our partners at RONIN and Intel, we are able to access up to $20,000 USD of in-kind AWS credits for use on UBC ARC RONIN. We are seeking researchers that meet one or more of the following criteria: 
    • Have CPU-bound HPC workloads. 
    • Have inefficient GPU workloads. I.e., GPU-only applications, programs, or scripts that require a GPU and do not fully use the hardware. 
    • Have research workloads that have a good and marketable story. 
    • Have established projects with outcomes that would be significantly impacted by increased CPU resources. 

For more information or to apply please contact arc.support@ubc.ca

There are other credit opportunities available through AWS including: AWS cloud credits for research and proof of concept credits. See our Amazon Web Services page for more details.