Microsoft Azure

UBC is actively engaged with Microsoft through the VPRI Open Science partnership to work cooperatively to design and pilot solutions, determine how to address barriers, particularly those unique to the Canadian context, and enable leading researchers to accelerate time to discovery and innovation.

We have received a new award of Azure credits as part of this partnership, valid until June 30, 2022 and are currently seeking new participants. We are looking to support research projects or labs that meet the following criteria:

  • Are able to demonstrate a need for cloud computing resources to enable or augment your research.
  • Have at least one resource that can be assigned as the technical contact/liaison to work with both Microsoft and UBC ARC and:
  • Are willing to speak publicly about the impact of Azure resources on your research projects.

To apply for access to resources through the partnership, please fill out the following application form:

Microsoft Justice Reform Initiative

The Microsoft Justice Reform Initiative is focused on reducing racial disparities in the justice system through front-end justice system reform.  The initiative has three priorities, including:

  • Policing:  Improving relationships between law enforcement and communities.
  • Diversion:  Advancing alternatives to arrest and incarceration.
  • Prosecution:  Increasing transparency and accountability in prosecutorial practice.

In addition, Microsoft has a broader commitment to advancing racial equity and would welcome proposals across other topical domains that are centered on advancing racial justice.

The team working on the Criminal Justice Reform Initiative are offering Azure grants valued up to $75K to universities working on these topics. They are actively seeking researchers at UBC who might benefit from an Azure grant or other resources to support this work.

To take advantage of this opportunity please denote your interest in this initiative when applying for the VPRI Open Science partnership, and for more information contact