The ARC team provides consultation and support across a wide range of high-performance computing domains.

Grant Proposals

The ARC team is available to consult on grant applications requiring advanced research computing resources.

Research Systems

We consult on advanced research computing system architecture and solution design. 

Research Data Management

The ARC team offers free and dedicated, domain-specific consultations for Life Sciences + Bioinformatics and Digital Humanities + Social Sciences.

Data Privacy and Security

UBC researchers with advanced research computing projects can access consultation, advice, training and risk assessment relating to data security and privacy issues.

The ARC Sensitive Research team helps researchers find effective non-limiting solutions to ensure the security and privacy of their projects and navigate the regulatory landscape. The team typically supports research groups working with sensitive data across disciplinary domains including the life and health sciences, the social sciences and the digital humanities, but is available to assist with security and privacy questions for any type of research data.

The team maintains a thorough understanding of the University’s privacy and information security standards, in addition to local, national, and international regulations and requirements. Then, through collaboration and consultation with partners including UBC legal counsel, cybersecurity, risk management services, ethics, as well as the BC health authorities, indigenous community groups, and government, they provide technical advice to ensure the privacy and security needs of researchers are met, regardless of the scope and scale of the project.

For more information or to arrange a consultation at any stage of your research project please contact