Consultation + Support

The ARC team provides consultation and support across a wide range of high-performance computing domains.

Grant Proposals | Systems Hardware | Research Data ManagementData Privacy and Security

Grant Proposals

The ARC team is available to consult on grant applications requiring advanced research computing resources.

CFI Proposals

For all CFI applications including more than $25,000 in computing infrastructure (including hardware and software), researchers must consult with the ARC team regarding their technical specifications and plan for the computing infrastructure.  CFI requires that all High-Performance Computing infrastructure be housed and managed by Compute Canada, and the ARC team can facilitate this at UBC by working with groups on the Point Grey and Okanagan campuses, as well as the affiliated hospitals.

If you are working on or thinking about putting together a CFI application including computing infrastructure, please contact as soon as possible to get this process started.

For more information on the CFI process at UBC, please contact the Institutional Programs Office (, or click here for more information. 

Systems Hardware

We provide architectural and solution design for Compute Canada and UBC high-performance computing systems housed at the University Data Centre (UDC).

For more information, please contact Roman Baranowski at

Research Data Management

The ARC team offers free and dedicated, domain-specific consultations for Life Sciences + Bioinformatics and Digital Humanities + Social Sciences.

Data Privacy and Security

UBC researchers with advanced research computing projects can now access consultation, advice, training and risk assessment relating to data security and privacy issues.

Data security and privacy requirements can sometimes be a formidable barrier for researchers. Projects involving protected legal, health, administrative, and demographic information, coupled with a reliance on cloud-based and other highly distributed computing resources, increasingly require a comprehensive knowledge of multiple compliance rules and regulations.

UBC Advanced Research Computing recently appointed Kaitlyn Gutteridge as Research Data Privacy and Security Officer to help researchers understand and overcome many of these challenges. Working with ARC and in consultation with UBC Legal Counsel, Kaitlyn can provide technical, scientific and administrative support for researchers and research groups working with sensitive data across disciplinary domains including the life and health sciences, the social sciences and the digital humanities.

Kaitlyn will keep up to date on the University’s privacy and information security standards. She will also work in collaboration with Population Data BC to review investigators' research data needs, to keep up to date on Population Data BC's privacy security standards and training, and to improve processes relating to data-sharing agreements within UBC, and across multi-institutional projects.

For more information, contact