Software Available on Sockeye

UBC ARC strives to ensure that Sockeye has the most popular open source and, subject to license availability, commercially available HPC software, tools and libraries installed.  Below is only a representative cross-section of the software and tools that are either currently available on Sockeye or can be easily installed by users. For an exhaustive list of currently-installed products, supported disciplines, and versions, as well as tips for user-installation, please see the UBC ARC Technical User Documentation.

While not all research applications are suitable to be run on Sockeye, if you see something missing from the list in our Technical User Documentation that you feel should be available to all users on the system, please let us know at

Artificial Intelligence

Tensorflow, PyTorch, Py-Keras, Caffee

Life Sciences

Blast+, VCFtools, BWA, Samtools




MATLAB, Julia, SciPy, R


AnsysEM, OpenFOAM


GNUPlot, Mesa

Compilers, Libraries, and Development Tools

GCC, Intel Compilers, PGI Compilers, MPI, netcdf, hdf5, OpenBLAS, PETSc, MKL, Singularity

And many more…

Our installed packages and versions are changing all the time!  Be sure to refer to  UBC ARC Technical User Documentation - Software for an updated list. 

For more information on how to install your own software, or how to bring your license to Sockeye, please see the Technical User Documentation – Quickstart Guide