Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are based on commonly asked questions by email or during our Information Sessions. Check back often as we will continue to update this page as new questions arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many allocations can one research group apply for?

Allocations are awarded to one UBC Faculty member or Principal Investigator (PIs), known as the Allocation Owner.  The Allocation Owner can add users to the allocation as needed. UBC users are required to have an active enhanced Campus Wide Login and an institutional email address. To find out more about an enhanced Campus Wide Login visit UBC Campus Wide Login.

Can I split an allocation into multiple projects?

Yes. On Chinook, an Allocation Owner has complete control over their data and may grant access to folders using Globus. Splitting an allocation into projects can be achieved by creating separate folders for each project and adjusting the permissions of each folder accordingly. 

Will my allocation in this round affect my application for allocations in future rounds?

No. Each application is assessed independently, regardless of previous allocations.