Cloud Computing


Cloud environments provide a powerful and flexible computing option for research. UBC ARC works with researchers to determine how cloud infrastructure, platforms and services can deliver new, effective tools and capabilities for research.



ARC can work with your research team to determine how cloud services can provide resources to meet science requirements. This includes vetting the security of cloud providers for sensitive and restricted data and extending software licenses for use in the Cloud.


ARC is developing platforms that leverage cloud environments to provide a powerful and flexible computing option for many researchers. The flexibility of cloud services, including scalability and elasticity, enables multiple approaches for solving problems in research. We build and implement platforms to enable ease of use, leveraging cloud-native technologies when possible.

Alliance Cloud

ARC provides direct support for the Digital Research Alliance of Canada (the Alliance) cloud service. This service responds to researchers who have a need for greater configurability, availability, durability or portability than may be available on non-cloud systems or traditional HPC clusters.

Public Cloud 

ARC works directly with all major public cloud vendors to determine how to address barriers, particularly those unique to the Canadian context, and enable leading researchers to accelerate time to discovery and innovation. We aim to provide a single point of contact for accessing public cloud resources for research whether this be through platforms, partnerships, or opportunities for in-kind credits.

Funding and Credit Opportunities

ARC actively seeks out credit and funding opportunities to support not only computationally intensive work, but the development of cloud-based solutions and platforms for research.

Please see the menu items on the left for more information about our cloud services and vendor-specific information, including specific credit and funding opportunities. You can also contact UBC ARC today for a quick chat or consult to learn more about how we can support you in exploring the power of the Cloud.


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