The REDCap platform is a secure web application for building and managing research data collection instruments. The platform is specifically designed to support online or offline data capture for research studies. The REDCap platform runs on server infrastructure physically located in BC, Canada, at the UBC University Data Centre (UDC).

UBC ARC REDCap Flex runs on the Standard release of REDCap. The instance is kept up-to-date with the current version of REDCap and its latest features. 


How do I sign up for a REDCap Flex account?

REDCap Flex users must be UBC staff or faculty, or anyone who is working with a UBC faculty or staff member (e.g., volunteer, member of a collaborative, multi-institution project, etc.).

Complete the REDCap Flex Account Request Form for a new REDCap Flex account. If you do not have a UBC Campus-Wide Login (CWL), you may sign up for a Basic Account at the following link: CWL Sign Up Tool.

How do I request a project in REDCap Flex?

UBC faculty members or UBC staff members are eligible to request new REDCap Flex projects. The successful requestor is then designated as the Project Owner once the project has been created.

Log into REDCap Flex, locate the top navigation bar and click “+ New Project” button to open the request form.

If you do not see the “+ New Project” button once you log in to REDCap Flex, it is most likely because you have a sponsored account. Kindly contact your account sponsor to proceed.


For UBC ARC REDCap Standards and Terms of Service, refer to UBC ARC Governance Documents page. 


The REDCap architecture supports software add-ons in the form of modules to extend the functionality of the system. Some add-ons are created by collaborating development teams outside the core REDCap project. UBC ARC REDCap may include limited add-ons of this nature, based on special request and careful review.

Add-On Modules included on REDCap Flex:

  • Multilingual (Allows you to write your surveys in more than one language and allows the user to select the language they are most comfortable with) 

If the Add-On Module you are interested in is not listed above, please email redcap.support@ubc.ca for more information.


If you have any questions, please email redcap.support@ubc.ca