Frequently asked questions (FAQs) are based on commonly asked questions by email. Check back often as we will continue to update this page as new questions arise.


How do I add other REDCap users to my project?

Go to your project > User Rights.

Under "Add new users", search for the person by full name or UBC CWL and add user. This user will now be added to your project.

How do I view all the users in my project?

To view all users in your project, check under the "Username" column in the bottom table on the "User Rights" page.

How do I re-activate my REDCap account? 

REDCap Flex and REDCap Solid accounts are automatically suspended after 180 days of inactivity. To keep accounts active, all users need to do is log in regularly.

UBC Faculty or Staff:

If you are UBC Faculty or Staff, please re-activate your suspended account by emailing UBC ARC REDCap Support. Please include the REDCap project you are working on.

Non-UBC Faculty or Staff: 

If you are non-UBC Faculty or Staff, please ask your account sponsor to email UBC ARC REDCap Support to confirm they will continue to sponsor your REDCap Flex account. Please include the REDCap project you are working on.

Is Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) required?

REDCap Flex does not currently require MFA. However, if you are enrolled to Enhanced CWL (MFA), you will be challenged.

REDCap Solid requires MFA. Users must enroll in Enhanced CWL before they can login.

What support is available?

UBC ARC offers support for the REDCap platform as a service during regular UBC business hours on a best effort basis. Support is available for the use of the platform, technical questions, and guidance regarding appropriate use of the platform and instrument configuration. ARC is not resourced to directly assist research projects with the design and configuration of their projects.

If you have any questions, please email UBC ARC REDCap Support.